Tomb Survivor

Explore catacombs full of danger -- and treasure!


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Tomb Survivor is an RPG designed from a birds eye view vantage point. Here you'll take on the challenge of exploring the depths of catacombs dripping in gold treasure. Sounds perfect, right? It's not. All that treasure is guarded by blood thirsty spirits out for revenge and monsters that are hungry for human flesh.

In order to move your character you'll have to tap on a tile. If one of those tiles might have pieces you can interact with, buttons will appear on screen for you to pick your reaction from: you can open doors, break dishes, and rummage around in the trash, all of which will help you find objects.

Combat in Tomb Survivor is random. So from time to time -- while you're walking around in the catacombs -- your enemy will attack. Both your characters and the monster itself will appear automatically, but you'll have to activate special combos manually. These skills are basically the difference between life or death, in that you'll need them to survive.

Despite the fact that monsters are a huge danger for your survival, hunger is also an element to factor in. You'll need to be extra careful in order to keep your food supplies stocked, so that you don't run out deep inside a catacomb. If that happens you'll be dead before you know it.

Tomb Survivor is a survival RPG that has an original theme, charming graphics and a huge amount of content. You can explore your way through a whole labyrinth of dungeons, encounter hordes of evil monsters and pick up loads of treasure along the way.

Android 4.3 or higher required.